Who are we?

Easy Crypto is a family business by brother and sister Alan and Janine Grainger.

We're a couple of Kiwis who got fed up with how difficult it was to get into the crypto market in New Zealand, so we decided we had to do something about it.

We set up Easy Crypto in December 2017, and we've been the fastest and easiest option for Kiwis even since.

And yes... that really is us in the photo! :D

The goal

We realised that there are huge barriers of entry for people just starting out. There's a lot to learn and to be honest, it can be a bit scary! We wanted to create an easy and safe way for others to get involved.

With Easy Crypto our mission is to make cryptos accessible and understandable for all New Zealanders.

Come with us on the journey, and let's make New Zealand a driving force in the crypto age.